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The following covers material commonly seen in a College level Trigonometry course or a high school Algebra 2/Trigonometry course.  I attempted to provide comprehensive introductions to each topic, as well as some example problems.  In some cases I give additional material to help provide deeper insight.  I suggest reading through the introduction material before looking at the examples.  The best way to have long term success in calculus is to understand the concepts.  Any particular example problem may still be challenging, but a sound understanding of the concepts should be the main goal for learning the material.  Enjoy, and always feel free to reach out for questions, corrections, or private tutoring!

Angle and Triangle Basics

Right Triangle Trigonometry

Trigonometric Functions for Non-Acute Angles

Radian Measure and the Unit Circle

Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Translation of Graphs of Sine and Cosine

Graphs and Translations of Tangent and Cotangent

Graphs and Translations of Secant and Cosecant

Trigonometric Identities 1



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